Our country India’s future is in the hands of the youth.The younger generation itself is the most valuable resource for our country. It’s a boon to our country for being blessed with higher youth dividend. This valuable resource stands firm like a backbone in India’s future. If this youth takes an affirmative action, India would soon be a super power in global arena.

In the present society, though many young people are aiming to enter the politics, still the political system isn’t allowing them to move forward. Nor to rise in politics. If any one is trying to rise bravely, they are suppressed immediately. Now, the prior aim of the Mock assembly by Janapaksham, (an socio-political movement organisation) is to provide a platform for the youth who have strong social responsibility, awareness and the firm passion to serve the motherland for making them stand by the people.

Mock Assembly Guidelines

For the Mock assembly, including ministers 119 MLA’s for Telangana and 175 MLA’s for Andhra Pradesh are selected state wise.
Ruling and opposition parties would be separated state wise.
The other roles implied are Chief minister, Speaker and a Governor.
Like this, one whole day would be commenced like an assembly with dialogue session.
In the Mock assembly everyone would be provided an opportunity to speak in detail about the primary issues in the state.
The issues raised by the MLAS would be answered by the ministers.
Janpaksh is providing an valuable opportunity to make your voice heard as an MLA, Minister or Chief Minister for one day.
The issues you highlight in the mock assembly would be drafted and submitted directly to the Chief Minister of Telangana.

Come... Awaken your Youth Power.... Be an active part of this Mock assembly... Add wings to Your vision to change the nation with your service in politics, Begin steadier and stronger from here... Complete the registration to reserve your seat. Encourage your friends and close ones who share the similar vision and passion, to participate in this Mock Assembly.

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