10 Major Problems Which India is Facing


Power Centralization

PM, CM, MLA are the only three powerful positions in the country.

In India, total authority and power are centralized in these three positions - Prime Minister at National level, Chief Minister at State level, MLA in the constituency level. The Panchayat raj institutions/Municipalities, which are established as a part of local-governance are just a Decorative Nominal Authority now. The day-to-day issues in local level, which needs to be solved by that colony people are also stalled- waiting for the permission of an MLA/CM. Even Municipal Corporations with thousands of crores budget, the basic essential provisions like roads, drainages are waited for permission from CM or Municipal Ministry.

In single line, situation is like– “The Higher Authorities will not have the Leisure for Our Issues, and the Lower ones does not have the Power to do it”.

More welfare and less development

India - Needs to strike balance between Welfare schemes and development.

The major duties of Govt is – to provide basic essentialities like Roads, drinking water and Drainage; Education; Health facilities and to Protect the Peace & Security. But the Govt is being busy with the hunt for votes, are doing everything except above things.

Govt is raising funds Either by increasing debts or by selling Govt properties (disinvestments), where one half is going on corruption and other half is distributed for people under some new populist scheme, in turn impacting the development of Country.

Organized corruption across all levels/Crony capitalism

The corruption is very deep rooted in India, and people have become accustomed to it. Corruption is not just a threat to economy; further it completely destroyed the mindset of the younger generation.

The youth are busy taking the inspiration from corrupted politicians, and started looking for the shortcuts to rise in career rather believing in hard work and caliber. As a result, it is becoming impossible to find the individuals with integrity in any sector.

Media Reforms

Media is cooking the unnecessary and unrealizable sensational stories for the benefit of political system and business.

Now, the Journalism has turned into “Earnalism” - a commercial earning entity.

There are no meaningful debates, neither awareness creating analysis. It is totally filled and running with Accuses, Loud chatters, Shouting’s, Half lies and Half Truths

Weakening Independent institutions

Constitution has established certain Independent bodies for the checks and Balances in the governance. Like – Election commission, CAG, RBI etc.

Now these institutions are baited under the political influences.

Due to this scenario, the mindset of politicians, that they can do anything at any cost in power is rampantly increasing.

Ethics Deprived Politics

Our politics can be described in three words – Notes(Currency), Seats and Crores. Spending the notes for winning and after Winning the seats, earning the crores. This is the current vicious circle of politics. The current politics, doesn’t have any principles, obedience or etiquettes and there is no meaning for the loyalty. With this level of degraded politics, it is Impossible for any democratic country to rise as a strong economic power.

Economic Models vs social Base Conflict

Until before two decades, the people with caste occupations and doctors, teachers or lawyers had enough opportunities to establish themselves independently. Now corporate institutions have entered into all the professions.

The situation is like - a doctor should be employed in a corporate hospital, teacher in a corporate school, barber in a corporate salon, kirana shop owners as the stall boys in the big shopping malls, or as delivery boys in the E-commerce institutions. Like this in all the occupations and sectors the corporate institutions have arrived. As a result, 90% of people have lost the opportunity to rise independently.

Do we need this Development which long forgot the basic essence of Social roots?

Pro Active Governance Vs reactive Governance

Governance is completely occupied in a continuous hunt for votes and earning money, apart from this we cannot see any proactive activities which is making our life chaotic.

The government which is supposed to work for the betterment of next generation is busy working for the next elections, with this our basic essentialities like roads, drainages and the environment along with all other sectors are under crisis.

Centralized Development / Urbanization

Though we need the big cities for the economic development, we are neglecting the villages and small towns with our fascination for cities.

In most of our villages every household is provided with a House/land, drinking water supply, basic roads etc.

Leaving these facilities in the villages to vain, with the increased migration to cities there is an increased stress to provide these provisions once again in cities.

This alarms us to rethink on the amount of wastage of resources. We are supposed to establish the small towns along with the cities to decentralize the development.

Irresponsibility of the Citizens

Whatever may happen to the country or where ever the society standards might go, all I need is my family’s welfare and my development is the present attitude.

There is an increase in hopelessness that ‘this country cannot be changed’; Believing that no leader is Trustworthy; This is leading for Pure Lack of thought on future about the next generation, the rise in the belief that Money is enough to do anything, the growth of fanatism in caste and religion. Because of above all these things the people have stopped bothering about society and politics, and they are treating politics as an IPL match.