Where We Stand



  • Budget allocation for ’Education from Indian GDP’ is - around 3%, whereas Our Neighbour Bangladesh allocates - more than 10%, Even poor countries like Botswana, Bolivia allocates more than 7%.
  • NOT EVEN ONE - Indian University” is listed among the Top 300 Universities across the world.
  • NOT EVEN 20% Indian Engineers are EMPLOYABLE” which means 80% Indian Engineers Doesn’thave the skills required for the employment, Whereas Employability in USA is 74%, Germany is 91%.
  • India is still at 74% in Literacy after 73yrs of Independence. Whereas, Bangladesh an 50yrs old nation is already equal to us. Morocco an African nation reached 95% Literacy in just 10yrs, from 70%.
  • ONLY ONE INDIAN Got NOBEL PRIZE in Science, this shows the reality of the Infrastructure and Resource Problems in India for Research.
  • 70% of Thesis Submitted for PH. D in India face - Plagiarism charges.
  • BRAIN DRAIN Every year 40Lakhs Employable Indians, Migrate for Jobs and 3Lakh Indian Students, Migrate for Higher studies.
  • In India we have 1 Teacher for 24 Students in Higher Education, Whereas, - 1 Teacher for 9 Students in Canada, - 1 Teacher for 10 Students in Russia, - 1 Teacher for 12 Students in Sweden, - 1 Teacher for 16 Students in Britain, - 1 Teacher for 19 Students in China.
  • ONE LAKH Schools have ONLY ONE Teacher in the country.
  • Since many years, 60-70% - Teachers Positions are VACANT in Most of the Indian States

A country’s development is not in its Mirrored palaces or Coloured walls but it is embedded in the moral values of its citizens - Mahatma Gandhi


  • Indian Govt’s Expenditure for HEALTH is 1.3% on GDP, Whereas, in Bangladesh 2.4%, Brazil 9%, South Africa 8%, Russia 5%, China 5%, America 17%.
  • For Health Care, India Spends 1944 ₹ Per Person , Whereas, Bangladesh Spends 2600 ₹ Per Person, USA Spends around 8 Lakhs Per Person.
  • As per WHO, there should be, 1 Doctor for 1000 People, In India we have, 1 Doctor for 1456 People, Whereas, In China, 1.8, America its 2.6, Sweden its 4.3 Doctors for 1000 People.
  • In India there are 5 Hospital Beds for 10000 People, Whereas, For same 10000 People: Beds in Bangladesh- 8, America - 30, Germany - 39, Japan - 13, Korea -10. -India Ranks 155 among 167 countries in the world in on Hospital Bed availability as per Human Development Report.
  • Only 34% Usage and availability of Generic Medicine in India, though we have higher poverty ratio. Whereas, In even Wealthy nations like USA 81%, Germany 77%, Chile 75%, Netherland 74%. India is One of largest Generic medicine producer and serves 40% of USA Demands.
  • India has Only 3200 Jan Aushadhi /generic medicines stores, against 8 lakh retail pharmacies.
  • In Global Hunger Index, India stands at 94 among 107 countries, (Having People who suffers without Food), Even Pakistan, Haiti and Nepal are performing better than Us.

One individual may die for an idea or reform, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives - Subhas Chandra Bose

Drinking Water And Sanitation:

  • 80% Water Resources in our Country are Severely Contaminated, because of Garbage Dumping, Silt, sewage in to Lakes and Rivers.
  • 15 lakh children die with Diarrhea in India every year, due to contaminated drinking water supply.
  • Only 45,000 Villages have Piped Water Supply out of Total 6 Lakhs Villages, by 2017. About 82% of Rural Households are without Piped Water Supply.
  • By 2030, around 40% of our Population are going to face Water Scarcity.
  • Out of 780 Districts, 256 Districts are having Dangerous low Under Ground Water Levels according to Central Govt data.
  • In 30000 Villages in India - No Water Facility in Any Form, Not just Drinking Water.
  • In Indian rural areas, 29% families are Not provided with Toilets.
  • In 21000 Indian Govt Schools there are No Toilets, and around 30% of Toilets are not in usage due to Non-Availability of cleaners.

Unemployement In India:

  • As per 2011 census, 40% population which means 45 crores of people are Migrating from Rural villages to Towns and Cities.
  • Unemployment Rate 9%, which concludes that around 4 crs are Unemployed.
  • Urban areas have 22% of Unemployment in the age group 15-29 yrs.
  • Maximum of the Employed are remaining Poor, due to the Low wages provided.” Employed Poverty Trap
  • With the impact of GST implementation,11 Crores MSME employed are facing troubles, which is the major cause for increasing Unemployment in India.
  • 98% of the Total Employed are NOT having the Skills required for the work. In Britain 68%, China 72% are having one or the other Skill for the job.
  • It’s High time to convert Population into Resources - The average age of India is 29 yrs, which means that the Productive age group people are more in the nation – compared to the unproductive dependent people on them.

What we want is muscles of iron and nerves of steel. We have wept long enough. No more weeping, but stand on your feet and be men - Swami Vivekananda


  • India has 99% as Micro enterprises, only 0.5% are Medium and Small enterprises.
  • In India still 58% of people are dependent on Agriculture, in any other Industrialized Nation like China the people dependent on agriculture are below 15%.
  • Even the Long-troubled history country like Vietnam was able to attract the Industries shifting from China in the Corona period, but India was unable to capture them.
  • In India 86% of Manufacturing sector MSME’s are Unregistered. Due to the complicated registration process leading to compound interest trap.
  • In India, still 11204 Villages are NOT having basic Road Connectivity, depriving them from other employment opportunities.
  • In India the Success Rate of Startup’s is Just 10 %. Whereas Success rate in Israel 95%, Japan 71%, America 58%.
  • In Competitive Industrial Performance India Ranks 68. Whereas Japan ranks 1st, Germany 2nd, America 3rd , South Korea 4th.
  • Goods producing, are unable to get permission due to complicated process, making Import cheaper than the production in the country.

I want mass production but production by masses as well - Deendayal Upadhyaya

Urbanization And Migration:

  • In India 65% are living in Rural areas. Concentration of Industries and services in the cities is leaving villages without wider employment opportunities. Larger population are migrating from Rural to Urban areas. Even the Agro Based Industries are concentrated in cities
  • In India by 2025, it is expected that 46% of population would live in the Urban areas.
  • Urbanization is increasing urban slums, urban poverty, urban crimes, urban garbage but not urban infrastructure. e.g. Dharavi slum - Maharashtra, one of largest slum with a population density of over 277,136/km2
  • India has the World’s Largest Urban Slums in the world- - 1 in every 4 Indians live in slums. Urban poor are engine of Indian economy but there is no economy for the urban poor

Debt Of India:

  • Total Debts of the Govt increased to Rs 100 Lakh Crore by June 2020 which was 53 lakhs Crore in 2014.
  • The Union government pays interest of Rs. 6 lakh crore a year on old debts, and further takes 6 lakh crore debt, this is impacting funds for developmental programs
  • In 2007, The Per person Debt was 50000 ₹ but Now it is 1 lakh ₹.

Bad Loans Or Non-Performing Assets Of Banks:

  • India has 5th highest Bad Loans in the World. Total NPA has already touched 10% of total loans.
  • NPA of Public Sector Banks (PSBs) is at ₹7.27 lakh crore by Sept, 2019.
  • The total NPAs of the scheduled commercial banks is 9.63 lakhs crore. In that 85,000 Crore is of Agri and allied activities. 7 Lakh crores is of the industry sector. The share of agriculture in gross NPAs was 9% only.
  • “Write off” given in Industries is NOT for more than for100 people in the country until now.
  • 7 lakh crores out of total 9 lakh crore loan was given” Write off” in recent times.

“Revolution comes from poverty and crime” - Aristotle


  • In India in the last 20 yrs, “4 lakhs crore is Lost due to various SCAMs”
  • The major scams in India in last Two Decades - Coalgate scam:1.86 lakhs crore, 2G spectrum case:1.76 lakhs crore, Commonwealth games scam:70,000 Crore, Nirav Modi PNB Fraud:11,400 crore, Satyam scam:14000 crore ,Vijay Mallya PNB scam 9000 crore

Export And Import:

  • India imports Goods worth of USD 6 lakh millions. Annual export of India is equal to USD 3 lakh million, leaving 3 lakhs million trade deficit.
  • From China we import 75 billion dollars and Our export to China was 18 billion dollars, nearly 57 billion USD Trade Deficit with China.
  • Total export of China is 2.5 trillion USD which is 2/3 rd of total GDP of India

Crime In India:

  • As per NCRB, In the Last one year 32033 rape cases were registered across the country, an average of 88 cases daily. One case per every 20th minute.
  • India ranks 7th at Trafficking and Crime against Women out of 136 countries across the world.
  • The conviction rate is as very Low at 28%.

Agriculture And Agri Processing:

  • In India, one third of food produced is wasted every year. At the same time One in Seven people are going Hungry every year.
  • India has a capacity of 9 crore Metric Tonnes but additionally 30 million metric Tonnes of Food grain capacity warehouse is required.
  • Irrigated area accounts for 49% of the 40 Crore acre of agricultural land in India. The remaining 51% is Monsoon dependent.
  • The groundwater level in India has declined by 61 % between 2007 and 2017, because majorly the extracted water around 89 % is used for irrigation purpose
  • The Game of Indirect Water Import from India -For producing one kg of rice 5000 liters of water is needed. For one kg of cotton 22000 liters of water is required. Many countries are Exporting cloths to India, and Importing cotton from India to save their water level.
  • India is Exporting Rice heavily which is a more Water intense crop with less revenue generating to the country. And Failing to export vegetables which is a less water Intense crop with high revenue
  • In India various state Govts have Waived Off 5 lakh crore ₹ worth of Farm Loans in the last 10 years
  • India holds the 40 Cr Acres which is a 2nd largest, while USA Holds 90 Cr Acres 1st largest agricultural land globally. Still, we are NOT able to Produce Equal amount of Food grains compared to many smaller countries. Almost 25% of total agriculture land of land is remained uncultivated.
  • Agriculture sector contributes 16% of GDP with 58% of Population engaged.Industry sector contributes 29% in GDP with 9.4 % population engaged. Service sector contributes 44% in GDP with 33 % population engaged.
  • Agriculture is overburdened, many countries produce same amount of food grains with 10% of man force compared to India. Its leading to Disguised and Cyclical Unemployment. Whereas Germany is using 1.7%, japan 10%, Italy 5.5% of the work force in agriculture

Judiciary In India:

  • The Judge population ratio in India is 20 Judges per 10 lakh people in India. whereas, the required rate is 50 judges per 10 lakh people.
  • Tragedy of Pending Cases – In India -60,000 cases are pending in Supreme Court, -42 lakh cases are pending in different High Courts, -2.7 crore cases pending in District and Sub-ordinate Courts.
  • In India we have a Total of Just 664 Fast Track Courts for 130 crores population.
  • Crimes on Children under POCSO, about 88.8% cases are pending and only 35% ended in a conviction.
  • India ranks 69 in World Rule of Law index out of 128 countries, (Rule of Law is Equality of Law and Equal Application of law), which depicts the loopholes in Judiciary system. African country, Ghana ranks 1 among the developing countries.

“You can not build anything on the foundations of caste.” You can not build up a nation; you can not build up a morality - Dr B.R.Ambedkar

Air Pollution:

  • Out of the 30 Most Polluted Cities in the world in 2019, Total -21 belong to India itself.
  • “20 lakhs Indians died due to Air Pollution” with various diseases in 2019.


  • India has Worst record in population to Olympic Medal Ratio. India won 28 medals in the history of 70 Years of Independence, whereas Michael Phelps from USA won a greater number of medals than us.
  • In Individual Category ONLY ONE Gold Medal India achieved until now, Once a World force in Hockey, we have not received at least One Gold Medal after 1980’s.
  • Tragedy of Sports persons can be understood looking at KD Jadav’s story, who was first Olympic medalist in India - died in Poverty.
  • Except cricket, Indian presence is negligible in most popular and revenue generating sports like Rugby, basketball, Football, Tennies across the world.
  • India is Spending 2600 crores for sports annually, whereas USA is spending 3 lakh Crore and China is Spending 4 lakh Crore.
  • After 1950’s India is unable to qualify for Foot Ball World Cup.

“They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit” - Bhagat Singh


  • India has 38 world heritage sites, but India earns only 2 lakh Cr per year from tourism. Whereas USA earns 14 lakh Cr and Thailand earns 4 lakh cr.

Road Safety:

  • India is Losing about 3.25% of its GDP due to road accidents
  • India Tops in Road accidents Deaths among 199 countries in the world.
  • India accounts for 11% of Road Accidents Deaths in the world, while it has only 2% of motor vehicles in the world.
  • 60% of Driving Licenses in India are issued without Testing.
  • Every year India loses 1.5 lakh Cr due to Traffic Congestion.