Model Village Development



The Centre and State governments are making many efforts and introducing many schemes for the development of the villages and to improve the Life standards of the rural population. Annually, they are spending thousands of crores in this arena.

Either it is Sansadadarsh gram yojana or any others, rarely they are successful with very few villages.

“India is not Calcutta and Bombay; India lives in her seven hundred thousand villages" By Mahatma Gandhi.

Now, In India we have more than Six Lakh villages.It is an unbelievable truth that we have less than Five Hundred Model Villages across the whole Nation.Our Organization has carefully analyzed, both successful and unsuccessful attempts of the model villages initiatives.

JANPAKSH, has vivid experience and background analysis of the State specific- Model Village Development. From Basic Ground Research to Resource management in a village, our team has achieved tremendous success in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

What is a Model Village?


Improvised Quality of LIfe


Digital Literacy


Efficient Per Capita Income


Proactive People’s Participation in Governance

If we can increase all the above four aspects, we can further call that village as a Model Village.

Let's check the above Four aspects in detail.

1.1 Clean and Sanitized Surroundings

  • Emphasizing more on the sanitization and cleanliness
  • To make the village 100% Open Defecation Free and to make it continuously implemented.
  • To identify the problems of waste management and suggesting the solutions.
  • To increase the vigilance of the people in the Sanitization works.
  • To establish healthy and sanitized surroundings with various other measures.

1.2 Good health care facilities

  • To provide the basic essential services in the village - sub center/PHC
  • To provide basic infrastructure like chair, table and refrigerator etc within six months.
  • To utilize the services of the Asha Workers in an efficient way.
  • To create a health profile for every resident of the village.
  • To monitor all these services and make them reach the villagers.

1.3 Valued based Education for the Children

  • To provide the basic essential facilities in the Government schools of the villages within six months
  • To monitor the Parent committee and make it functions properly.
  • To increase the quality of the Mid meals
  • To organize special programs in collaboration with NGO’s for increasing the Values in the children

1.4 Providing Unadulterated Food

  • To take proper actions in providing 100% unadulterated food for the people.
  • Bringing together High school students and DWACRA group women in identifying the food adulteration and teaching them the testing techniques.

1.5 Youth Empowerment

  • To recognize the skill and capabilities of the youth in the Village and to recommend the employment opportunities locally.
  • To train them with an additional skill
  • To emphasize for the better living of the youth involved in the agriculture and other careers
  • To organize special programs for the motivation of youth and provide an platform for their talent display.

1.6 Wholistic Development of Women

  • To train women in the special skills foe employment opportunities.
  • To generate programs on the financial literacy and its awareness among the women
  • To provide an opportunity and platform for the display of their capabilities/talents
  • To increase the women's participation in the Model village development
  • To organize various other programs for the wholistic development of the women.

2.1 To look after for the efficient functioning of the Gram Panchayat

  • To conduct the motivation classes for the people's representatives in gram panchayat for the better governance
  • The people who display the best performance should be encouraged with the incentives with the help of private organizations.
  • To see to that E Governance and M governance are applied and utilised

2.2 Immediate response and Immediate solution for the Peoples Complaints

  • The immediate response to the complaint indicates that the Person who filed the complaint will receive a response on that day itself, saying ‘Your complaint is registered and you will receive the reply from concerned authority”.
  • To make all the arrangements to take to the complaint indicates that the Person who filed the complaint will receive a response on that day itself, saying ‘ Your complaint is registered and you will receive the reply from concerned authority”. To make all the arrangements to resolve complaint in all the required ways.

2.3 To increase Citizenship responsibilities among people

  • In the past ten years, the nature of questioning the government for every aspect and depending on the government for every problem has increased. With this kind of attitude the small issues are also been pending and kept post poned for years together.
  • On the other hand, the people are gradually losing the emotion/feeling of ‘Our village, Our City, Our state’.
  • To organize various programs to increase the awareness in people regarding the citizenship responsibilities.
  • If all the above functions are implemented only, we can call that village as Model Village.


  • Providing Internet connection to every home in the village
  • Providing Digital Literacy to one person per every family in village
  • Connecting every Family with mobile or Internet Banking
  • Making them utilize E-Governance, M-Governance Services
  • Creating a Digital Library, where we can make village as 100% Digital village.

4.1 Making agriculture Profitable

  • To make 100 % soil fertility tests to the agricultural land in the villages
  • To identify the profitable areas for the agricultural produce of the village and encouraging the villagers to sell it in there
  • To make the villagers utilize the E –NAM
  • To provide efficient packing and transport facilities for the agricultural produce
  • To encourage the agricultural department officers to provide better services to the villagers
  • To strengthen the Farmers Associations
  • To use various other miscellaneous ways to make the agriculture an profitable entity

4.2 Increasing the employment opportunities for Non Agricultural sectors

  • To recognize and encourage the non-agricultural employment opportunities in the village
  • To encourage the Animal husbandry and poultry sector employments in the villages.
  • To suggest the additional measures for earning capabilities to caste-based professionals and handicraft workers
  • To identify the village resources and the possibility of business, and then encouraging their development

Finances alone would not be sufficient to make a village as the model village, importantly the people’s cooperation in that villageis key factor.

Once we announce to adopt a village and ask for the cooperation of the people, all the people would promise to cooperate. But then after the issues like village politics, Group fights/Factionism, Caste disputes would come forward. With this the money would be spend but the desired results would not be achieved.

JANPAKSH which has a good experience in resolving these issues and has an clear cut analyzing of these factors can efficiently support you in this initiative

The following are the services provided by the JANPAKSH Team.

  • Assessment of the villages
  • Creating the developmental planning model for the village
  • Designing the awareness-based programs for the village people to uplift their consciousness
  • Organizing the Monitoring Mechanism
  • Arranging the field visits for the villagers
  • Making the Resource Mapping
  • Recommending the possible ways for the accumulation of the resources.

Our team has Passion, Experience, and Exposure in the Model Village development projects. So, We request you to Consider Utilizing Our Services for the model village development initiative in your area.